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The Min Report: You’ll superkick yourself when it happens – The Build-Up to SummerSlam (cont’)

Another short one from me this week and it follows on from my view last week that HBK is ‘in cahoots’ with Lesnar. If you didn’t read last week’s post please do (right here) so it makes sense as to where I’m coming from. Anyhoo,  this weeks Raw has done nothing to sway my opinion any further. Or rather I don’t think it should. Either this;
a) is too easy a swerve to not see through and it clearly will happen, or
b) WWE have deliberately left it ‘open’ so they can change their mind, or
c) it’s never crossed their minds to do this at all…in which case then they are missing out on the better story here…in my humble opinion.
Let me continue to tell not why it’s true (unlike some arrogant writers might put it), but why I think it will/should happen.

Bottom line here for me is this.  On it’s own a Lesnar or Trip wins means nothing. Who cares right? What have either of them actually got to prove? It’s a strange dichotomy here in that the younger audience barely know who either of them are, and the older (more learned) audience might get a small pang of nostalgia watching them but ultimately know the TV time would be better spent putting over some fresh young talent. But as usual I digress…  However add a little twist (no matter how tried and tested) and it at least makes a story out of a dead-end situation. An obvious story well executed is a good story nonetheless.

Brock ‘broke’ HBK’s arm this week. Did he? Really? Really? Let’s look at the the evidence thus far over the past two weeks and analyse what we ACTUALLY know;
– Last week Brock had the chance to jump HBK in the ring. He didn’t.
– This week HBK is on the phone to someone but it’s never confirmed that it’s Trip.
– On the phone he makes a joke about the BIG man flying coach. Remember when Brock was told he’d have to fly coach instead of his private jet demands?
– HBK ‘bumps into’ Lesnar backstage this week at first and nothing happens.
– We never actually saw HBK’s ‘beating’ at the car in the parking lot this week.
– HBK ‘takes’ an F5 – so what. Did we see any punches thrown? All for show?
– Heyman massively overhammed the ‘broke his arm’ call as did HBK with the ‘stay away from me’/’don’t touch it’ tomfoolery – i.e they were faking it together. We certainly didn’t get the nice slow-motion replay of the ‘arm-breaking’ as we did when Brock hurt Trip did we?
Is it me or is it just too easy to see where this is going?

So, I’m sticking with a Lesnar win with ‘help’ from Michaels after Brock has already beat the hell out of Trip. It achieves more. A classic ‘take off the cast and use a weapon’ would great to see for nostalia too for me.  Lesnar stays strong, Trip saves face, HBK and Trip hold some relevance to a future story/angle, Brock can still go on to be a monster against whomever…

Why goad in Trip with this? Simple. I already outlined last week why HBK should resent Trip. But now with this, Trip is no longer at his best for the fight because he feels guilty for Brock breaking Shawns arm. Therefore his mind won’t be on the fight in hand like it should. Mix this all up and we’ve got ourselves a pretty good angle folks as to why Shawn, Brock and Heyman are together.

WWE’s backup? Shawn can now be simply so pissed at Trip for letting it happen, that he screws him anyway. I’d love the more complex angle but fear they may opt for this as a simpler version of doing it alas. Either way, it should happen. And I’m still calling it. Anything involving a clean win here or something else doesn’t quite add up to me.

The great thing? I’m not complaining! This one has legs and options if WWE chose to use them. Looking forward to Sunday to seeing it unfold either way.

Simm Minogue.

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